The Hydration Series: Introduction

In this 8-part Hydration blog series, we will explore the importance of hydration in maintaining the optimal function and balance of the body's largest organ, the skin. 


When it comes to the skin, water is life.

Covering your entire body, your skin is a bit like a mini ecosystem, working in tandem with other body systems to perform countless health-supporting processes and churn out new cellular material, every single day.

Water is the fuel behind many of your skin’s key rejuvenating functions and without it, the skin stalls. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that beautiful, healthy skin is not possible without adequate hydration.

Unfortunately, due to environment, lifestyle and everyday stress, dehydration is very common and can happen despite our best efforts. Factors including seasonal weather changes, unbalanced diet, using the wrong skincare, certain medications, allergies, genetics and aging can all play a role in creating dehydrated skin.

While dehydration can take a serious toll on skin health, it is easy to correct and treat when armed with the right knowledge and proper products. 


Stay tuned for Part 1 of our series, “Hydration is Important for Skin Health”. 

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