A Beverly Hills-based skincare expert, facialist, and educator, Charles McKnight believes in tailoring his skincare treatments to suit the needs of every individual. With a vision to improve the long-term health of his clients’ skin, Charles only recommends regimens after a thorough discussion about lifestyle, skin concerns, medical history, and diet to conceptualize bespoke skincare treatments that achieve highly acclaimed results.

Passionate and dedicated about elevating the look and feel of the skin, Charles specializes in skin rejuvenation and acne treatments. Recognized for his comprehensive consultations, detailed skin analysis, personalized in-spa treatments, and tailored at-home regimens, he understands the significance of listening to his clients and creating an ambiance that revitalizes the skin while soothing the mind.

 No Cookie-Cutter Facials
There’s no size that fits all in skincare. This is precisely why I perform treatments and offer recommendations only after thorough investigation regarding skin concerns, habits, medical history, diet, and lifestyle. 

Holistic Approach To Skincare
I firmly believe that proper skin care goes beyond physical beauty, and a healthy, glowing complexion is a fundamental component and indicator of well-being. 

Treat Yourself Royally
Benefit from bespoke facial treatments in a calm and soothing ambiance. Sit back and relax. Unwind your mind. Let your skin be pampered with meticulous attention to every pore. 

All-Inclusive Rate
Don't sweat the small stuff! Enjoy freedom from extra add-on fees. One flat rate for each visit to my skin spa. Imagine if everything in life was provided to you with one flat rate!

Long before he became a licensed esthetician, Charles was blending topical concoctions that worked wonders for his complexion. During his time as an educator at the Academy of Beauty, he finally began to share his creations withothers. Students and faculty members encouraged him to take his hobby further.
His natural talent at conceptualizing innovative skincare products and his entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to create Charles McKnight Skincare, a premium skincare brand that offers products that promote a healthy, balanced, and glowing complexion.

Bringing years of excellence in the beauty industry, Charles combines his knowledge of skincare and expertise in cosmetic chemistry to create tailored products for every skin type. He prides himself on using highly respected ingredients supported by scientific research and peer-reviewed clinical trials in his products to ensure safety and efficacy.

My Story
When I suffered from a severe episode of eczema as a child, I was forced to miss several months of school due to being in excruciating pain. To help my symptoms subside, under the recommendation of my dermatologist, I began regularly applying oils and lotions, and fervently avoided skin irritants. This was the beginning of my first skincare regimen and I never again had another eczema outbreak.

From that time onward, I started to recognize the immense importance of caring for the largest organ of the body, the skin. This set in motion my practice of cosmetic chemistry. I began formulating and creating simple balms, and that eventually evolved into more complex cosmetics. My growing fascination with skincare inspired me to enroll in the Esthetics program at the Academy of Beauty in Culver City, California. Here, I learned the the art and science of treating the skin and delivering desired results.

After I became a licensed esthetician, I was offered a position of nighttime instructor at the Academy of Beauty, which I gladly accepted. My time at the Academy granted me the extraordinary privilege to inspire and educate aspiring estheticians. This was a two-way experience as I was constantly inspired and educated by my students. During my tenure I opened my skin spa, which became an instant success.

My skin spa allowed me to resign from my instructor position to focus solely on my business and clients. After the pandemic hit, I had to close my spa temporarily but my determination empowered me to create and release a skincare line, Charles McKnight Skincare, in 2020. Now, I am excited to reopen my spa and support my clients in accomplishing their skincare goals.